William Champ c.1864
One of the Lodge's Founders and its first Worshipful Master, William Champ, came to Oakland in W. M. Morrow's party in 1853. This stalwart personage not only helped found Mt. Moriah No. 11, but also was active in founding Chehalis No. 27 in 1878, being elected its secondmaster. A few years later he moved to Winlock where he was again a petitioner and the first master of Winlock Lodge No. 47 in 1885.

Greater zeal for Masonry hath no man. It was Mt. Moriah’s good fortune to find that he left Winlock No. 47 a picture of himself otherwise our collection would have been minus man No. One. The master of Winlock No. 47 is a prudent fellow.

In between lodge foundings W. Bro. Champ raised cattle and did some farming. Some of his descendents still reside in the Winlock area.

Exceprted from 100 Years in Shelton