Mount Moriah Lodge #11 | Under Construction

2017 Calendar

Schedule not available since 2018
JANUARY6:30 dinner Stated Meeting
FEBRUARY6:30 dinnerStated MeetingDistrict Deputy Official Visit
MARCH6:30 dinnerStated Meeting
APRIL6:30 dinnerStated Meeting
MAY6:30 dinnerStated MeetingFill The Lodge/Military Appreciation Night
JUNE6:30 dinnerStated Meeting
JULY6:30 dinnerStated Meeting
AUGUST6:30 dinnerStated Meeting
SEPTEMBER6:30 dinnerStated MeetingPast Masters & Widows Night
OCTOBER6:30 dinnerStated MeetingStep Up Night
NOVEMBER6:30 dinnerStated MeetingElections
DECEMBER6:30 dinnerStated Meeting
DECEMBERInstallation of Officers
Stated Communications: Wednesday on or before the full moon at 7:30 P.M.